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Fund infrastructure by popping the inflation tax

President Trump and congressional Democrats last month pledged to commit $2 trillion in infrastructure projects over the next decade. The slight problem they face? No one has any idea how to pay for it. Neither party wants to run up more debt. Republicans are opposed to higher taxes. Democrats are opposed to spending cuts. What to do One idea is for the [...]

Larry Kudlow Should Get President Trump to Index Capital Gains to Inflation

By Ryan Ellis It was reported today that Larry Kudlow will be named the new director of the National Economic Council at the White House. A longtime veteran of the supply side tax movement, Kudlow is expected to steer the West Wing and President Trump in a solidly pro-growth direction. There's one project that Kudlow needs to get to work on right away: [...]

Not just Mr. Moneybags: Ending the capital gains inflation tax helps ordinary Americans too

by Ryan Ellis | August 08, 2018 In the past week, there has been a flurry of press accounts that President Trump has directed the Treasury Department to examine whether they have the power to let investors index cost basis to inflation when calculating capital gains. This has taken the press corps by surprise, but it is an issue that has been [...]

The Senate Tax Reform Bill Cuts Rates For Small Businesses And Flow Through Firms

By Ryan Ellis This week, the U.S. Senate will consider their version of fundamental tax reform. A key area of debate here has been the treatment of non-corporate businesses--sole proprietorships, Subchapter-S companies, partnerships, and LLCs--compared to incorporated firms. Unlike corporations, these flow through businesses don't pay taxes themselves. Rather, the taxes "flow through" or "pass through" to the business owner, [...]

IWF Leads Coalition Letter Against a New Payroll Tax and New Paid Leave Entitlement Program

Independent Women's Forum today led a coalition of 33 freedom movement organizations and activists united against a new payroll tax and new paid leave entitlement program. "Everyone wants new parents to be able to have the time off they need to care for a new baby," explained IWF President Carrie Lukas, "But the wrong way to approach this issue is [...]

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